A collection of four very unusual and bizarre characters and their slant on life.  Each monologue lasts approximately ten minutes.


"I use to be fat, flatulent and bald....."

Enjoy the benefits of life in this world by paying the small price of eternal damnation as Lucy Fer tells you why she opted to marry the Devil.


"Why anyone would want to buy a stress ball when they are sitting in front of the Trevi Fountain is beyond me..."

...And so are many other small observations which this tourist makes as she travels around the world's major cities and compares them to small town Yorkshire life.


"Now where was the gentleman having hearing problems with his cauliflower ears..."

Join the Home Harvester convention and learn top tips on how to grow and maintain food grown on various parts of your body.  Remember you are what you eat...or in this case you eat what you are!


"And how would you like to be stuck in the attic, taken down once a year to have pines needles shoved up your...."

Discover why this year's limited edition Christmas Fairy is not too thrilled at the prospect of Christmas time.


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